Responsibility in Action

  1. We are an environmentally friendly printer
  2. Whenever possible, we use non-petroleum-based soy inks.
  3. Whenever possible, we print on recycled papers.
  4. We use water-based, biodegradable paper coatings.
  5. We use energy-saving lighting.
  6. We recycle all our aluminum press plates.
  7. We minimize waste paper in the printing process and recycle what waste paper we do generate.
  8. We recycle all cans, cardboard, office paper and plastic waste generated by our company.
  9. We dispose of waste inks and chemicals through WRR Environmental Services in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
  10. We are fully certified by the following international environmental organizations:
    • The Forest Stewardship Council ® – committed to achieving sustainable forestry worldwide.

Learn more about our green initiatives and how we can apply them to your next project.